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The ScotchPotch Lucky BagWhen we were kids, the little bakery shops in Glasgow sold us lucky bags. They consisted of broken biscuits and stale cakes that the shop could not sell. Other shops did sell so-called lucky bags that had toys and sweets in them. Pink lucky bags for girls, blue lucky bags for boys, and cost 6d, or six old pennies (2.5 new pence). But for thruppence, or three old pennies, you could have a veritable feast with a huge paper bag full of goodies from the bakery, and if the shop assistant knew your granny or your maw, sometimes they'd slip in a fresh empire biscuit when the boss wasn't looking.
The Lucky Bag Links here refer to freebies available on the internet, mostly freeware programs and very useful websites.

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Journeys Past by F J HarriganJourneys Past by F J Harrigan
Imagine walking along the streets of Glasgow and suddenly finding yourself back in time. You witness first-hand an event unfolding in front of you, powerless to intervene. You can only watch, sometimes in horror, other times with a deep sense of sadness.

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Introducing Fearless Francis by F J Harrigan
Fearless Francis is a little boy living in Glasgow in the late 1950s. He lives in a fantasy world, playing in the tenement streets and backcourts, having all sorts of imaginary adventures…….but they are more like mishaps!

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This Month

Christmas Past Christmas Past

Christmas in Scotland has not always been celebrated in the same way as our friends in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Christmas took the place of a pagan winter solstice festival in Scotland. Because of the Reformation, celebrating Christmas was banned in Scotland right up until the 1950s because it was considered a Catholic holiday.
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The Glasgow Tardis The Glasgow Tardis

Glasgow introduced the very first public police boxes in 1891, but the present design was introduced in Sunderland in 1923. Before the days of mobile communications and home telephones, members of the public could call the police using the telephone which was accessed from a panel on the outside of the box. A blue light
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Fear Is The Key by Alistair MacLean – book Fear Is The Key by Alistair MacLean – book

This Scottish author is world famous for producing some great books and screenplays. Fear Is The Key was first published in 1961. It was made into a film in 1972 starring Barry Newman, Suzy Kendall, John Vernon and Ben Kingsley. This may not be one of Alistair MacLean’s most popular works, but I first read
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Dornoch Dornoch

Dornoch is a former royal burgh. It’s located on the north shore of the Dornoch Firth (Firth: A long, narrow inlet of the sea), with the Moray Firth in the east. Dornoch has the following interesting points: In 1727, Janet Horne was condemned to death here, becoming the last witch to be burnt in Scotland
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A Christmas Poem A Christmas Poem

  This poem was written by a US lieutant colonel. Although he mentions only the US and Canadian men and women, I am sure he also extended these sentiments to our British troops and their Allies. Surprisingly, the computer generated voice Heather did not need much in the way of tweaking – her voice is
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Cute Caledonia Christmas Cute Caledonia Christmas

This is what I call a Christmas video! A lovely family having fun in Glasgow, dancing in front of some well known landmarks and just radiating happiness and goodwill. This is our Caledonia Christmas/ New Year Video for 2008/09. Shot in and around Glasgow, Scotland with my wife and daughter. The Track is Caledonia written
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Whispering Walls

Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall was built in 1857, designed by the architects Gildhard and McFarlane. It opened as the Britannia Hall but its name was changed many times. The building has been called Campbell’s Music Saloon, Hubner’s Animatogrraph, Panopticon, Britannia Theatre of Varieties, and the Tron Cinema. In 1927. It settled for a while
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Scottish Politics

Political Party Invitation Political Party Invitation

It will soon be the year 2012 and I was wondering what New Year Resolutions all the Scottish political parties had set themselves. So I decided to write to each of them, inviting each to make a contribution. Here is the detail of the e-mail that I sent them: Hello I am the webmaster of
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St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge Glasgow St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge Glasgow

The bridge was built in 1856 and is made of iron. It has a span of 67 metres.It connects Hutchesontown (part of the Gorbals) to the Glasgow Green over the River Clyde. This inscription is on the Glasgow Green end of the suspension bridge. It reads….. BEN AND SARAH PARSONAGE GATE Ben Parsonage officer of
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eBook Resources

The eBook Revolution – PowerPoint Presentation The eBook Revolution – PowerPoint Presentation

I’ve decided to show this PowerPoint presentation by Mark Coker and Dan Poynter, because it will give you an insight on just how eBooks are changing the media of publishing, not just for readers, but for authors too. The figures presented in this presentation speak for themselves: eBooks are taking a bigger slice of the
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Word Games

WordSearch #1 – How Many Scottish Places? WordSearch #1 – How Many Scottish Places?

Here’s a puzzle you can download and send to your printer. (I’ll set up online puzzles like these later.) Try to find all the Scottish place names, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Post a message with the number of place names you have found. Good luck. Just right click on the image below and select Save
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Lucky Bag

UNetbootin – Bootable Live USB Linux Distros UNetbootin – Bootable Live USB Linux Distros

Would you like to run Linux on your netbook without actually installing it? This little free program creates a bootable Live USB drive. Try different versions of Linux before you decide to install it. My personal favourite is Linux Mint. Here’s a full description of the program’s features: UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live
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